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My plan is vicious, oh so malicious. From a mind that’s scratched, bent and broken, comes a plan that stays unspoken. A pain for most, a win for some. Lots of you might soon be gone. Don’t ever ask for explanations. I’m shaking all your fake foundations. What you expect is way too little. Actions overcome the riddle. Come on, come near and listen carefully. Let’s change mine, your, everyone’s destiny. Oh, I know you soon will wonder, when all you’ve known is going under. Just a few words are left to say: Follow me – here’s the way.


Joshua Crispin, Attila Ats, Andreas Kuebler, Nick Road, Daniel Beijbom, Maks Piszczek, Walid Feghali, Eric Krause, Florian Wunsch, Rok Nardin