SPECTRA (2017)

Experimental Minimal A-Rhythmic Sound Design

Spectra is an expectation-shattering trailer music album featuring a collection of highly experimental minimal sound design tracks. The unpredictable a-rhythmic vibe of those pieces challenges the creativity of editors all around the world in the very best way.

Composed by: Daniel Lenz, Flaviu Ciocan, Kevin Mantey, Maks Piszczek Marton Horvath, Nick Road
Post-Production:Toby Mason
Cover Art: Sam Hayles

ACES UP – VOL.1 (2017)


My plan is vicious, oh so malicious. From a mind that’s scratched, bent and broken, comes a plan that stays unspoken. A pain for most, a win for some. Lots of you might soon be gone. Don’t ever ask for explanations. I’m shaking all your fake foundations. What you expect is way too little. Actions overcome the riddle. Come on, come near and listen carefully. Let’s change mine, your, everyone’s destiny. Oh, I know you soon will wonder, when all you’ve known is going under. Just a few words are left to say: Follow me – here’s the way.

Composed by: Joshua Crispin, Attila Ats, Andreas Kuebler, Nick Road, Daniel Beijbom, Maks Piszczek, Walid Feghali, Eric Krause, Florian Wunsch, Rok Nardin
Post-Production: Joshua Crispin
Cover Art: Walid Feghali


Massive Hybrid Trailer Tracks

The sound of the resistance, echoing every facet of a battle. Soundwise and emotionally massive Hybrid Trailer Music, both violent and peaceful, aggressive and restrained. It raises hope to wreck it soon after. Highly customized sound design delivers a high amount of uniqueness. Hard hitting strikes and hybrid orchestra elements create an epic and truly cinematic soundscape, perfect not only for big pictures.

Composed by: Daniel Beijbom, Andreas Kübler, Joshua Crispin, Maks Piszczek, Daniel Lenz, Martyn Corbet, Nicolas Felix, Salvador Casais, Thomas Vo, Daniel Cartisano
Post-Production: Toby Mason
Cover Art: Walid Feghali


Epic Vocal Trailer Scores

Kaleidoscope offers a stylistically versatile selection of songs suitable for trailers of all kind. Highly professional male and female vocals and emotionally deep yet adaptable lyrics add another certain something to already top-notch instrumentals. Experience the emotional impact of melancholy in epic orchestral compositions with a larger than life attitude, the thrilling coolness of rocking electric guitars and the uplifting motivational vibe of trendy Trailer Pop tracks. No matter if instrumental or with vocals, these tracks will always add the extra you’re looking for.

Composed by: IMAscore
Post-Production: Toby Mason
Cover Art: Walid Feghali


Dark Aggressive Sound Design

A virtuoso composition of elaborately customized sound design and intense trailer hits, as merciless as a meteoroid strike. An immeasurable force of sound, only just subdued by unmistakeable masters of their class, granting every project the acoustic power it deserves.

Composed by: Jaco Cicatiello & Alex Tresor Moukala
Post-Production: Toby Mason
Cover Art: Ryo Ishido


Massive Melodic Sound Design

Experience a one of a kind compilation of hybrid orchestra extravaganza. There are just few words to truly describe the music’s grandness, therefor we don’t want to spend too much time with trying and kindly suggest you to open up your mind for what might very well be the next step of epicness with all its emotional layers. Based on elaborate sound design, all tracks offer multiple, individually effective layers to be discovered. We invite you to cinematic music and sound, combined to pure energy.

Composed by: Daniel Beijbom
Post-Production: Toby Mason
Cover Art: Ryo Ishido