We’ve worked with a huge variety of renowned companies with international reputation.
Their trust in our creativity, efficiency and professionalism is our business card.


Even if notes and their combinations might be limited, music will always survive through creativity and passion. We offer music composition in all styles and moods, from cinematic orchestral music to rousing electronic soundscapes, from euphoric exhilaration to the desolation of sadness. Our composers will fulfil your musical desires and bring imagination to life.

Sound Design

Perfectly fitting sound design is the pathway to credibility and not less creative than the composition of music. Sound Design is the art of creating the unique from shapeless material, brought in form by editing and combination to become something real. Our sound designers are able to support pictures by all means necessary.

Mix And Mastering

Sometimes it’s just about making something sound good – and that is the least we can offer. But there are also cases where professional mix and mastering is necessary to meet standards, for example for broadcasting purposes. Our experienced sound engineers are able to provide mixes and masters just the way you need them, with a sound you’ll love to hear.